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We are not only a software reseller. We also use the tools that we sell and can share our experience and knowledge with you.

We can offer

  • Fortran Programming
    • adding graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to your Fortran program in Windows using Winteracter or GINOMENU
    • adding graphics to your Fortran program in Windows using Winteracter or GINOMENU
    • adding access to relational databases to your Fortran program in Windows using ForDBC
    • adding MS/Excel import & export (.xls, .xlsx) to your Fortran program in Windows using qtXLS
    • creating interfaces to your Fortran procedures in Windows such you can call them from C/C+, VB or any other programming language able to call functions in a dynamic link library (.dll)
    • restructuring and beautifying your Fortran program using plusFORT
    • migrating your old Fortran program to Windows
  • Fortran Perfomance Improvement
    • if you want to run your programs a lot faster, we can provide consultancy how to achieve this (using GPUs, OpenMP, MPI, clusters ...)
    • advice, support and training on debugging and optimising FORTRAN codes and optimal use of libraries
    • parallelisation of codes, using OpenMP and MPI, to maximise your resources, whether they be desktop, workstation or HPC cluster
    • advice, support and training on running programs faster by use of GPUs and Xeon Phi accelerators
    • porting of codes to new platforms and optimising for new platforms, including Cloud based services
  • Fortran Training Courses & Workshops
    • Fortran 95 courses for beginners and advanced users (5 days or more, if needed)
    • Fortran 2003 overview presenting the new language features of Fortran 2003 (vs. Fortran 95; 1 day)
    • Fortran 90/95 overview (1 day) presenting the new language features of Fortran90/95 (vs. Fortran 77; 1 day)
    • Using Intel Fortran in Microsoft Visual Studio (creating projects, editing, project configuration, compiling, linking, debugging, creating .DLLs; 1 or 2 days)
    • Mixed languags programming with Fortran in Windows - calling Fortran procedures from C/C++ or Visual Basic or calling C/C++ function from Fortran (1 day)
    • Connecting Fortran programs with SQL databases via ODBC in Windows (1 day).
    • Calling Windows systems functions (WinAPI) from within your Fortran program (1 day)
    • Creating graphics and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using GINO or Winteracter for your Fortran program (2 days and more depending on your needs)

We can also produce training videos that help you to use our software tools more efficiently. For example:

If you are interested, please let us know and give us a detailed description which problem you want to be solved.
We can offer our services also on-site all over Europe (speaking English and or German).
Costs: from 68£/hour or 544£/day plus expenses.